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Get your bearings with a 4x4 tour of the island - you'll tick off some of the best beaches, lookout spots and even a smidgen of rainforest, without tackling the bumpy roads yourself.You might feel a tad morto as Bob Marley blares from the speakers, but the rum punch accompanying the pit stops makes up for it.The only indication that a musician lives in this cute, white-walled house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is the two guitar cases sitting by the front door.There are no platinum albums hanging on the walls – “They’re all in the shed,” smiles the home’s owner, Baby Animals frontwoman Suze De Marchi – nor are there photos from her more than three decades in the music industry, save for one of her current bandmates (longtime guitarist Dave Leslie, drummer Mick Skelton and bassist Dario Bortolin) that sits beneath the flatscreen TV.The seafood is as good as you could wish for - the yellowfin tuna served with a blend of wasabi, soy and ginger is heavenly.There's a slick, South Beach vibe to The So Co Hotel - think gleaming white rooms and balconies overlooking the beach, boardwalk and ocean at Hastings.

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She still remembers her debut gig with the band, at the Cat and Fiddle in Mount Lawley, Perth, not least because it was the first time she’d been clapped by an audience.

In an attempt to increase his usefulness, Prodigy asked Emma Frost to remove the mental block despite Moonstar's apprehensions.

Instead of removing the block, Emma and Dani secretly subjected David to a startling vision of a possible future should David.

He began taking college-level courses while finishing high school and started working with Karma at the university library until he was outed by the hate group Purity.

After his cover was blown, Danielle Moonstar recruited him.