Problem with black men dating white women 100 dating it

The flyer advocating that white women stay away from black men lists reasons like, “Your kids probably wouldn’t be smart” and “you should probably just avoid black men.” It goes on to highlight stories about black men who have killed white women, claiming that relationships between black men and white women “[start] with brutal rape, then get much worse.” The University of Michigan has since released a statement condemning the posters’ “racist point of view” and said they’d been removed.

“Messages of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination have no place at the University of Michigan,” the statement reads.

There were awkward moments based on race and cultural differences (one ex’s cousin liked using the N-word and I’m sure another ex was just acting out some weird Mandingo fetish thing).

But I definitely wouldn’t say my experiences dating White women created stories that were vastly more awkward or uncomfortable than the stories I have about dating any other women. There’s no way I could find a thousand words to write about what dating a White woman did to my soul or what it meant for me as a Black man to date White women.

The Black Student Union and others at the University of Michigan shared two images on their social media accounts Monday morning depicting anti-black flyers seen circulating around campus.

One was titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men,” while the other featured a call for European Americans to “stop apologizing” and “living in fear.” “White people have the right to exist,” reads the second poster.

They’re long, in-depth analyses of the writers’ psyches and most usually provide for why the Black men have been interested in dating White women in the first place. I don’t care how many private schools you went to or how many “Black women weren’t ever too interested in me” stories you have. The headline for the story is “Interracial Dating While Black, or How to Manage Your Girlfriend’s White Guilt,” but it’s really another tale of a Black man working through his own issues with dating a White woman, with a “wow some White people be WOKE, dog” glaze baked into the crust*. Hell, the first time I kissed a White woman, I went home convincing myself she just problem than anything else.

My whole family served this country since before it was a country.

My grandfather was instrumental in the creation of the Temagami Legion after World War I.

The only mention of them was by “JJ,” the white woman in a relationship with a Black man who is quoted as saying that, in Toronto “A certain demographic [young women of colour] give me a little stink eye, and another demographic [young white men] give it to JJ.” Really?

So your piece read by thousands of people chose to frame Black women as bitter and envious of Black men who date white women?