Preset database doesn t exist try updating from preset manager

More information about the interrelations of versions of Sho Works and Access may be found here: Understanding versions of Sho Works and Microsoft Access More information: Sho Works is actually a Microsoft Access database however, it runs as a stand-alone database application on Microsoft's developer platform (a run-time version of the Access engine is used).

It includes all of the fixes from the 3.0.2 beta, and has now been tested thoroughly enough to be elevated from a beta version to a final version.

Nearly every PC Musician now uses a VST-compatible host application, so there are a lot of people out there installing new VST plug-ins and instruments on a regular basis.

Installing a plug-in or instrument is generally a pain-free experience: all you do is drop the appropriate DLL file into the appropriate VST plug-ins folder, and the next time you launch your sequencer the new device will be detected and added to the list of those available.

The configuration can be sent to the system after the firmware update process has completed.

Summary: To edit a report created in Sho Works, click the "Edit w/Sho Works" button while viewing the report.