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Most guys can't just put any dirty words together and actually turn a woman on.Fortunately, spoke with seven women who offered up the hottest texts they've ever received from guys, in case your guy needs a few pointers.Weiner, once a rising talent in the Democratic Party, admitted to sending explicit photographs and messages to a 15-year-old high school girl last year as his wife worked on Clinton's presidential campaign. Speaking through tears, his voice cracking and his words at times inaudible, he apologized to all those he had hurt and for the "great devastation to family and friends." "I knew it was morally wrong and unlawful," Weiner told the court, stopping to wipe his brow, sniff and sip water from a bottle.

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The 52-year-old, wearing a dark suit and tie, broke down repeatedly, sobbing as he read out a statement attesting to his guilt in a Manhattan federal court.

Alimen Discipline: Social Science In this study, researchers interrogate on the sexting phenomenon as a trend among young individuals in the Philippines.

Thus, this paper looks into sexting, how the Filipino teenagers view it, how such aspect of technology has affected their lives, and how they consider it as a technological phenomenon.

He was jailhouse-bald with a smoker's smile, muddy tattoos, and pants three sizes too big. I was ringing up bargain-bin CDs when - bzzz - my phone began to vibrate. Ashlea Halpern is the senior editor at Time Out New York.

It was Dave, texting me from across the store."Thos jeans ur wearing tday make yr ass look hot.