Parents opinion on online dating

And, as it turns out, what we find attractive in a profile doesn't sync up with what we go for in the real world.

So take advantage of it and plan something amazing. Don’t be a “Serial Dater.” Given the ease and convenience of most dating apps, setting up dates for coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner is a cinch. This can get expensive fast, not to mention you’ll develop a rep. Your boyfriend of three months shouldn’t get a breakup text message. Some quick background info on Let’s Date: It’s a free app that finds you the best dates by studying your reactions to dating profiles and actual dates to learn over time what your best match is.

Can you believe one year ago at this time you were planning for high school graduation, and very soon, your student will have already completed one year of college? Now it’s time for your student to write final papers, get ready for exams, and be reminded to pack up ALL of their belongings (if they live on campus) so that you can (hopefully) show up and move them out without having to pack everything up them!

Remember- when they have completed their final exams for the semester they must check out with their R. who will do a room check, but the residence halls CLOSE on Saturday, May 20 at am, so your student must vacate with everything by that time.

Even if your student is returning to the same room in the fall, some rooms are painted and halls across campus have maintenance projects so your student cannot leave anything in the building.

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