Paperport hangs updating items

How to create new, customized copies of your favorite printer choices - Controlling the tray source (in other software programs), ink color, and other features of your printer from File, Print - (Includes macros to help change to your new printer selections)Please understand that Word Perfect makes much heavier use of the printer (actually the printer driver; see below) than most other programs to provide true WYSIWYG ("What You See is What You Get") on your screen.

Windows allows setting up User Profiles (see here for more). Some use this feature to set up a separate user profile for when printers are not available, such as when they are disconnected from a network.]Fonts can be hardware fonts (i.e., built into the printer and often called "printer fonts," and which display an icon next to their name in Word Perfect's Fonts dialog that looks like a tiny printer -- such as you might see with some versions of the Courier font).

Process belongs to Macrovision, a company that is in the business of illegal copy prevention.

Apparently it interpret a certain "digital pulse signal" that is included on some DVDs (and other media) as part of an 'anti-piracy' prevention initiative.

Based on the poor reviews I read about this product, I hesitated for several months on whether to purchase Paper Port 14 Professional.

When I finally upgraded to a new desktop computer with Windows 7, I knew it was time to try the professional edition of Paper Port 14. I'm able to retrieve all of my previous version 9 scans automatically.

This article describes some of the most common reasons that cause Outlook to become unstable, crash, hang or freeze.

If you are experiencing issues with your Outlook, try these items one-by-one and hopefully one of them will help.

In the Settings list box, choose Application Default.

Click the Edit settings button, and click on Restore.