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Those whose faith in Christ was lacking or corrupt, or sinned after baptism without repentance before death, or didn't do good deeds will find unhappiness after death.

Those whose only transgression was not performing good deeds may be punished temporarily.

this s hard for me, as I'm the only teenager who is active in my Church.

if I do get married, though, I would want my wife to be Orthodox (EO, Coptic or Tawahedo, as long as she's Orthodox ) so I could raise an Orthodox family. You should give preference to Orthodox girls, but I think it would be extreme to strictly limit yourself, especially in our culture when they might not always be available.

In most states with a traditionally majority Christian population, civil laws recognize marriage as having social and political statuses.

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we talked about this at an Orthodox teen camp, and the priests encouraged it.After Death God immediately judges who will experience happiness or unhappiness or temporary punishment.Those who kept faith in Christ, didn't sin after baptized or repented before death, and did good works will find happiness after death.Religiously, they had different views on topics such as the use of images (icons), the nature of the Holy Spirit, and the date on which Easter should be celebrated.Culturally, the Greek East has always tended to be more philosophical, abstract and mystical in its thinking, whereas the Latin West tends toward a more pragmatic and legal-minded approach.