I added Attachments is not present and this seems to be not working.

NET Framework 2.0ȍ~ł́AText Box Rg[̑Masked Text Box Rg[[email protected]܂B ႦMasked Text Box Rg[Maskvpe Bu99999vƂƁA5̐󔒂͂łȂȂ܂BMaskvpe B̏ɂ‚ẮAMSDŃu Masked Text Box. Validating Typevpe BgƁAMasked Text Box Rg[ɓ͂ꂽ񂪎w肳ꂽ^ɕϊł邩̊m FARg[t H[JXɍsƂł܂BႦValidating Typevpe Bu Int32vɂƁARg[t H[JXA͂ꂽInt32.

Event Args) 'check to see if the control has recently gained focus, if it has then allow the first click to highlight all of the text If Not _First Click Completed Then Me.

Select All() 'select all the text when the user clicks a mouse on it... On Click(e) End Sub Protected Overrides Sub On Lost Focus(By Val e As System. Text) 0 Then _Validating Event Raised = True My Base.

But i do not want that this event will fire when i will click on Combo Box which is also part of this User Control. So i can click on Text Box and Combobox and no event will fire becouse they are one together...

inner Text Box is Text Box innere Combo Box is Combo Box this is my code code event for Validating.