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However, it can be difficult to come up with more than one or two questions or good dares.

When trying to come up with your questions for truth or dare, it is important to figure out what type of questions you're looking for.

What happens on a screen strongly impacts what happens in the physical world around us.

Online activity needs to be viewed with caution and restraint.

Like the girl whose fully naked likeness landed in Rachel's inbox a few years back.

The boy who'd originally received the picture, Rachel remembers, forwarded the image to another girl who circulated it all over town.

“I didn’t know she was talking to the kind of people she was talking to,” Mrs. “I should have done a better job of monitoring, but I didn’t.” This tragic situation highlights the responsibility parents have to carefully check their children’s online habits.

It is not only important but also vital for their safety.

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She ran away on Friday, August 16 without her cell phone or any money.

The game is supposed to be fun, and the entertainment will quickly come to an end if someone is hurt or the police are called. However, if you come across something that you or someone in the group doesn't want to answer or do, don't get swept up in the game.

Present that person with another truth question or dare to keep the game going.

Indian girls are a unique breed and when it comes to impressing them, you need to invest an extra thought in your approach.

The trick is to become the centre of her attention without actually letting her know it.