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The woman said: "I don't know what his game was, or why he chose to play it on me, but I think it's really weird and a bit creepy."He is just a fantasist who managed to suck me in to his game with very convincing words." When the woman heard nothing at all from Karl she got her friend to contact him to see if he was still around.A woman is warning others to be careful when online dating after claiming she was the victim of a 'sick game' by one user.The woman, 28, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was stood up three times by a man called Karl who then ended up posing as a woman and sending explicit messages to her friend.

There's no more need to dodge through all the frogs to find your prince charming.Ever wish you could just pick out a guy the way you pick out a pair of shoes while shopping online?Sometimes wishes do come true...10 TRUTHS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ONLINE finally created a female-controlled dating website that lets you shop the online man-market FOR FREE."Karl appeared to be a breath of fresh air compared to the other guys I'd been talking to.He was so complimentary and convincing with his words but looking back now you could say his words were manipulating and premeditated.