Oblivion dating system mod Xxx cam girls online skype

This dating system allows you to date ANY NPC in the game..I do mean ANY NPC. There is a more risqu version of the mod, but, Im not gonna tell you where to get it, you will have to find it for yourselves.You have the task of finding the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty.

Even tho I do not like dating men I must say I am enjoying this mod big time, it really helps beat the feeling of loneliness in game. You don't need Shivering Isles expansion, textures or meshes. Thanks for making it available for male characters too! Can you make a version in which we can date female NPCs as well? To dressy You can be any player and date anyone you like with this mod. It contains traspassing solution (you are free to go into counts private rooms). I hope that you understand that I couldn't make sex available. Admins have permited this version only Greetings goranga, Great mod, curiously a few days ago I was juggling with the idea of doing something like this since bitting Casta Scribonia's neck is just not enough interaction haha.Oldblivion attaches to Oblivion and applies certain non-permanent patches to it.This means that once you exit the game these patches will vanish as they are only done in RAM.