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This type of verification, also known as two-factor authentication (or for Apple accounts, two-step verification) makes it doubly hard for an imposter to access your account.Because the verification code is sent via SMS text message to the phone number linked to the account, a snoop would need to have access to your phone as well as knowing your username and password combination to log in as you.Since Airtime is connected to your online identity on Facebook, the company runs less of a risk of abuse by naked guys — the reason Chatroulette took a nosedive in usage.Airtime also separates itself by letting you video chat with people you know using your name, as well as with strangers you share interests with anonymously.

Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker today announced Airtime, a web-based video chat service that's effectively the same thing as Chatroulette, but connected to Facebook.

You can also use the Login Verification setting to verify additional devices, or to request a Recovery Code you can enter for logging in from an unverified device in case of a lost or stolen phone.

If you want to use Snapchat on, for example, your i Phone and your i Pad, or manage your account online from your Mac, you can verify all of those devices – but a thief with your username and password signing in from another device wouldn’t be able to log in without a verification code.

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