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There are adult themes throughout We're not talking about sex, though Logan does get flashed.Ilum Dean, a new fashion house in New York, debuted it's first fragrance for men, a chypre fruity fragrance.It's not only the bad guys who are brutally murdered A kindhearted family of newcomers invite Logan, Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Laura (Dafne Keen) to stay at their farmhouse.The welcoming family doesn't last the night: They face gruesome, visceral deaths.Amy Sherman-Palladino created the show, inspired by a visit to the Mayflower Inn in Washington, Connecticut.She saw how the people in the town all seemed to know each other, and before her stay was over, she’d written the script for the pilot.Sherman-Palladino had left the show by then, and not only were the fans left wanting more, the cast had to shoot the last episode without knowing whether or not they’d be coming back for another season.

Whether it's the "preapproved stations" or the shit drunk assholes on weekends play, I'm over most of it. That song never fails to get assholes all hyped up for some reason.

Unless you count the time I worked in a hotel restaurant (the hotel ran the playlists) and they forgot to change the playlist.

We got christmas music on Valentine's day dinner...costumers were not impressed.

The killings look incredibly realistic What makes the movie so deserving of the restricted rating isn’t the profanity and high body count — which exist in PG-13 films.

It's the violence by way of Logan's and young new mutant Laura's claw-like blades.