Non validating environment

You can still transact on a chain network by owning a non-validating node (NV-node).

This allows NV-node owners to independently register and manage certificates, a powerful feature that empowers NV-node owners to create custom-built applications for their clients while managing their client certificates.

In this context, non-regression testing provides a systematic procedure for fast and efficient validation and discovery of bugs within the software architecture.

Exploratory testing is performed following similar steps, but it differs from NRT in its analysis and conclusions.

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Due to time-to-market restrictions, the validation phase of software functionalities must be well organized and efficient.

However such a format would have no convenient commands for typesetting, and so normally xmltex will be used on top of an existing format, normally La Te X.

In this section we assume that the document to be processed is called .

Depending on the Te X system, this might be a symbolic link, or a shell script, or batch file, or a configuration option in a setup menu.

Whilst it may be convenient to build an xmltex format as above, starting from the La Te X format.