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Her sheer tank top shows off her full breasts and the hoop through her left nipple. Many doll lovers — or “i Dollators,” as some of them call themselves — participate in a confusing online subculture where the lines between art and pornography, the ludicrous and the tender, and fantasy and fetishism blur like watercolors.Ask Davecat about Sidore — pronounced She-doh-ray — and he’ll tell you she’s everything that turns him on: beautiful, loyal, a great listener. True enough, some men who have sex with Real Dolls are creepy, the kind of guys you wouldn’t want to be alone with. Spend time talking to Real Doll aficionados as I have over the past year, and you come to understand that behind every Real Doll is a man with a reason.Nearly every train station has a clearly labeled “smoking room” or “outside smoking area” where you can light up.Generally speaking, if you don’t see signs saying you are allowed to smoke, just assume it is prohibited in that area. In very public areas, such as in the middle of a festival or at a rally, they will have smoking rooms for you to use.Train etiquette in Japan really shouldn’t be that difficult. But I had the weirdest surreal moment in the world a couple months after I moved to Tokyo because a group of tourists were smoking on the train, which is probably the biggest “No-no” for train etiquette in Japan.It is so much of an understood social taboo that they don’t even have any “No smoking” signs (or vocal announcements) on the train, unlike their constant cellphone usage rules.

When he posted photographs of his work on the Internet, e-mails poured in asking whether his creations were sex dolls and if so, how much did they cost.The deep crisis in the state was neatly expressed by Brian Kagoro at last week's Pan-Africa Lecture at Southern African Political Economy Series (Sapes). THE Labour Court has dismissed claims that it is delaying judgment in a case pitting a Harare man against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, saying rulings normally took between two weeks and 90 days bef...Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs Minister Cain Mathema has been ordered to shut up after he tried to protect President Robert Mugabe by saying he has nothing warranting him to be protected by MDC...Si-chan, as he affectionately calls her, is half British, half Japanese, which is nice because he’s always had a thing for both British and Japanese culture. Sidore and her plastic sisters are like Barbies dosed with growth hormones and plumbed with orifices (three).Even their clothing style and taste in music is simpatico — they’re both Goths. While there are other brands of deluxe love dolls, dolls like Sidore are considered head and breasts above their competitors because of their quality and realism.