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When she called, an employee there described the woman who attempted to buy the groceries.'This experience is completely unacceptable, but is by no means indicative of the otherwise outstanding customer service that we provide our customers daily.

We value our customers’ trust and have internally taken immediate steps to address and respond to this issue.

The initial credit limit is set forth on the face of your Card carrier. dollar money order; and (iii) sent in the return envelope with only the remittance coupon from your billing statement, will be posted on the same business day of the receipt. local time at the remittance address on any day including the Payment Due Date, but that otherwise meet the above requirements; will be credited as of the next business day.

In each case, the terms specified below for those Cards and Accounts will apply to you, in addition to the other terms and conditions set forth below. You can use your Card to obtain cash from branch offices of participating financial institutions or automated teller machines (“ATM”) linked to a participating ATM network.

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Juana Martinez (left) approached the drive-thru window at Starbucks, the cashier (right) greeted her and handed her the order and her card.

She immediately started accusing the cashier of taking her credit card details and called her a 'fraud'Martinez added that the Starbucks worker had taken her card with her when she claimed to need more receipt paper and was gone for around a minute.