No credit card no bullshut just sign up and fuck scams from dating websites

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[Hook] [Verse 3: Deuce] All these old rappers are out, this new music is in Whats all the beef about when all you do is pretend?

[Intro x2] Ok we on, we on another level, tho Wish we were gonzo but we ain't gonna ever go You've better grab a seat cause this is forever ho This is the fuckin' life we chose, we'll never let it go!

[Verse 1] On the way back to the top (ohhh) What you think I'm gonna et you take my spot (nooo)? ] up on your i Phone Real shit, baby, I'ma keep it real though Says she wanna party, I'm just tryna chill, ho Says she drink, but she's tryna hit that kill smoke I got what you need, fuck what you believe!

I want to get into this website but it needs a credit card number and the card holders name..

I don't own a credit card so I can't do it..