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A time portal has opened in the sky, and her friend's older brother has invented a way to use it to travel one hundred years into the past. After nearly being trapped in the past, she discovers that there's a fine selection of cute guys (and a cute girl) available, both then and now.Hope your taxes are in order because you're going to make SO much money on this.Last week saw the release of Akiba’s Beat, the latest in the Akihabara-based game series.Where once the series pegged players with destroying the clothes of others’ backs as its primary gameplay, now sees it turn elsewhere.Consequently, Akiba’s Beat hardly looks attached to the games before it at all: it quite literally strips away the clothes-removal mechanics of its predecessors Akiba’s Trip and Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, and ushers the series into a more typical action JRPG direction.This is part of an ongoing trend with the adult games that become accidental hits in Japan.The sexy, hard-boiled Rella makes sure things stay on track when Ranma goes too far.The pair is involved in a fiery car wreck one night while on the lamb from a mob of dangerous arms smugglers.

He Said: While certainly not the worst thing on the air this summer in Japan, Cinderella Boy is definitely not worth the valuable airtime it's taking up.A Dating Sim available by Pacthesis on Newgrounds, Deviant Art, or her official site.Saige (or whatever you call her) is an Ordinary High-School Student.Synopsis: Ranma and Rella are your basic private detective team.The male half, Ranma, bumbles his way though each investigation, but is ultimately savvy enough to pull it off.