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Give me some pet peeves, things that guys do to annoy you in the dating arena. If you’re accomplished in your field, you realy don’t brag about it. But,there are times when I have dated liberals and there is an arrogance that pervades every facet of their personality. My cousin Chrissy, she loved to try to set me up with people. I said, “Ok, that’s cool, we can meet for coffee.” First of all, he’s an hour late.If you’re bragging about what you’ve accomplished and aren’t listening to a word I’m saying, I will probably just withdraw from the converation and let you speak… If so, any difference you can tell between liberal and conservative guys? It’s not just a political thing with them; it’s a lifestyle. So, she had a single friend and I was between boyfriends at the time, so she had the brilliant idea of setting us up to go see a play. My limit is usually half an hour, but he calls after half an hour and says, “I’m almost there and I’m really sorry for being late.” I told him that was fine.I have dated people I’ve met on dating apps and at bars, but our relationships never panned out to anything serious enough to deserve a title.This past August, a guy approached me at a dance party and we struck up the usual conversation – about our jobs, our opinions of the city, our interests, etc.

Unfortunately, she wrote the whole post at Role Reboot – the worst of the worst when it comes to politically correct dating and relationship advice. The comments from men complaining about online dating quickly accumulated. I empathize because I did online dating off and on for over a decade.

No job will be a 100% perfect but if you love what you are doing it is worth the bad you have to deal with, so never settle for anything less then what makes you happy. Get out there and do something crazy, travel the world, stay out a little bit later, and most importantly spend time with the people you love because life is to short to b anything but happy.

With dating often comes heartbreak, and we sometimes deal with the excruciating pain of break-ups in unhealthy ways: rebound hookups, eating tubs of ice cream while binge-watching TV, fixating on our hang-ups and convincing ourselves we are unworthy of love… I have been single for my entire life except for three months of high school when I dated someone I refused to kiss (Even at 14, I had the foresight to know he wasn’t worth it).

A wise professor once told me "Money isn't everything. Life is way to short to deal with people's bullshit. Spend time with the people with your friends and family and don't waste your time on stupid drama that won't matter in the long run. So that is why it is so important to live everyday as if it was your last.

If you love what you are doing, eventually the money will come." And I whole heartily believe that. Don't put off doing something you always wanted to do or telling someone how you feel because their might not be a tomorrow.