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Public Act 51 of the Public Acts of 1951 may generally be described as the funding Act for County Road Commissions.

Holiday Inn Dundee - Waterpark Toch biedt niet alleen lage prijzen en een topaanbod.The first meeting of the Board of County Road Commissioners of the County of Monroe was held May 8, 1913.Road Commissioners are appointed by the Monroe County Board of Supervisors under the authority stated in Section 6 of Chapter IV, aforesaid.“And the function of the board shall be limited to the formulation of policy and the performance of official duties imposed by law and delegated by the board of supervisors, and no member of the board of county road commissioners shall be employed individually in any other capacity by, or for any other duties with the board of county road commissioners”.The Task Force hosts an annual Senior Summit for older adults on topics related to safety, security, abuse, and financial exploitation.The Task Force meets from am - pm the second Monday, every other month in Monroe.