Mobile home updating

Depending on the color, wood paneling can be painted, creating a country look for your mobile home.Or, if you like the look of wood paneling, you can treat it in order to bring out its grainy quality.What about siding or putting on a peaked roof facade? First, I washed the paneling with TSP to get any oil or furniture spray that had been used to preserve the paneling then I coated it with primer before painting.In my living room I used spackle to go between the paneling.

I've given some thought as to the responses to this posting that I may receive and I guess the response that would concern me is if I am asked something like "Is the home structurally sound? I was told that the water pipes burst years ago and they needed to remove a lot of the underside to repair things.

I am trying to remodel an older (1977) trailer to look modern, fresh and newer. How can I make my trailer look really nice inside and outside without spending too much?

How can I paint the ugly dark brown doors and dark paneling? Usually you need to use something that keeps the background from bleeding through.

I have a 1971 Squire that I am considering updating.

I need new floor coverings and would like to update the furnace/central air units.