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Jacqueline Belkin (CAS ’04) says her job with BAE Systems, Inc.—an electronics manufacturer that develops advanced defense and aerospace systems in the air, land, sea, and space—is doubly rewarding.

While she oversees the organization and management of the company’s software, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction, her efforts ultimately serve a greater purpose: making the world a safer place.”I am proud to contribute to the building of technical systems for the U. Department of Defense,” says Belkin, a software configuration manager.

Waterman Award, the United States PECASE Award, the Vannevar Bush Fellowship, and MIT's Junior Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching.

I promise no hype: just a a sober summary of how a quantum computer would actually work (hint: it's not just by "trying every possible answer in parallel"), for which problems quantum computers are and aren't expected to provide an advantage, and the current status of the worldwide effort to make quantum computing practical---and even more immediately, to achieve the first demonstration of "quantum supremacy," or a clear quantum speedup for some task (which might be a contrived one).“It is very rewarding to know that I play a part in protecting our troops in combat and ultimately in protecting Americans from harm.” A female math teacher interested in recruiting women into the technical field first encouraged Belkin to take an advanced placement (AP) computer science class in high school.“I took that AP class and never looked back,” Belkin says, “and the courses at BU strengthened my desire to enter the computer science field.” Belkin, who graduated summa cum laude from BU, says the openness and availability of the computer science faculty made a huge impact.However, in the professional Latin Showdance, Troels & Ina dropped to fourth place.The winners here were Artur Tanavskyy & Anastasia Danilova who placed fifth in the five dance Latin event 4,5,5.5,6,6.