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During a brief chat before the interview, Michael Biehn confessed there was no way that he possessed the organisational skills to be anything like any of the official military, or police type characters he’s played over the years, reckoning that he’d most likely run off and leave his bullets behind in real life.I informed him of my plan to conduct a whistle stop tour of all the movies that had been important to me over the years, and would try not to take up too much of his time, to which he replied, “I have all the time in the world for you.” And with that, I set about asking several decades’ worth of questions, while fulfilling a lifetime ambition... Personally, I'm not surprised that, as always follows in the wake of any big movie announcement, the rumour mill has started to spin faster than fact. We'll have the rest of the interview in full in due course.The longer version of the interview will follow in a day or two.They are out promoting their first independent film, THE VICTIM. The remarkable thing is they shot this movie in 12 days. Often turning in highly convincing performances as soldiers, cops or other men of action - he played Navy SEALS in three movies - Biehn frequently stole the scenes he was in, either with a rousing speech or sly remarks to upper ranking officials.The fact that he was undeniably handsome in an old-Hollywood, matinee idol kind-of-way, was not lost on the female contingent either.

They are out promoting their first independent film, THE VICTIM. The remarkable thing is they shot this movie in 12 days. To learn more about the movie and them here is a short clip from my interview.In an exclusive interview, Biehn spoke candidly to me at length about every film and role in his career that I chose to ask about, including his thoughts on such topics as playing a white supremacist, casting trouble on He even took me to task at one point, to make sure that I was paying attention to the specifics of the point he was making, which ended up making us both laugh, even if I did utterly panic for a second.There were a couple of questions that I omitted on this occasion, including his potential casting as Peter Parker, back when Cameron was set to make a film adaptation of , but I was still given more of an insight into his working life than I could have ever asked for.A clean T-shirt and classic jeans (not the overdesigned styles that have been unfortunately popular lately) will be fine for almost all of L. If you want to go a bit nicer, just throw a black blazer on top. I kicked around in Hollywood a bunch, and I have seen and done some exciting things. Today I am more focused on my new projects and living in the present.