Mentally handicapped dating a normal person

Culturally insensitive terms such as “handicapped,” “retarded” and “slow” used to refer to people with disabilities, or “compliments” such as “but you look so good,” directed at people whose disabilities aren’t obvious.“These terms are unacceptable because they are linked to a history that the general public isn’t aware of,” says Nancy Starnes, vice president and chief of staff for the National Organization on Disability (NOD). “Until I met her.” He was sure it was the real thing, but nobody ever believes that coming from a 12-year-old. “Even though my mind was young and my heart was young — somewhere inside my head I was mentally old enough.” And the feeling was mutual. “If you’re that in love, age doesn’t mean a thing,” he says.*** BILL OTT WILL always remember the moment he met Shelley Belgard. You kind of want to play it safe and not play it safe at the same moment.” He lived in Silver Spring and she was in Potomac, so they exchanged phone numbers. Bill took Shelley to both his junior and senior proms. They’d both shown up at a Montgomery County social club looking for friends, fun and the kind of acceptance that seems so elusive during teen life. “You’re looking at this awesome-looking guy, and you really don’t want to blow it.Yes, there are other site’s out there that claim to be, "Networking for the Disabled", but what I have written in this article is what should (in my opinion) set Soulful Encounters apart from all the rest....

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The woman told Mr Justice Holman she had consented to the arranged marriage as an “obedient daughter”.

Bill, who grew up going to Catholic Mass every Sunday, told Shelley’s mother he would convert to Judaism if that’s what it took to be with her.

But after high school, it became more difficult to remain in each other’s lives.

His father, a leading figure in the British Sikh community who has since died, was the driving force behind the arranged marriage with a family from Punjab.

In 2009, the husband, now in his late 30s, was taken to the Indian region by his parents.