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Sexology also spans sexuality among the mentally and/or physically disabled.The sexological study of sexual dysfunctions and disorders, including erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, and pedophilia, are also mainstays.Resources The APA's new guidelines were drafted in the wake of a survey that found less than 30 percent of psychologist and graduate student respondents were familiar with the issues that transgender and gender nonconforming people more is a groundbreaking anthology that features intimate letters written by 35 trans women to their past selves or other trans women.In sheer frustration Justine decides to date the sleazy Alex in an attempt to become a woman.As the day of the big date looms what will Chas and Jake do to thwart Justine and eventually what will become of Jake?Our sexuality seems to be formed by the time we reach our teens—although it may be many years later before we come to understand and accept our sexuality, which seems resistant to attempts to radically alter it. The four major components of sexuality are: Each of these components can have healthy or unhealthy aspects that are influenced by an individual's values, culture, experience, and spirituality.

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Human sexuality rarely falls into neat categories or lends itself to simple labelling, but rather is a rich and complex area of human experience. Many theories have been put forward citing genetic pre-determination, childhood influences, and peer-pressure amongst other reasons.

Some sexual activities are illegal either universally or in some countries or subnational jurisdictions, while some are considered contrary to the norms of certain societies or cultures.

Two examples that are criminal offences in most jurisdictions are sexual assault and sexual activity with a person below the local age of consent.

However, attempts to find a single cause for an individual's sexuality and sexual orientation or to influence or change an individual's sexuality have not been successful.

Like many of our other characteristics, sexuality seems to be largely a chance product of one's unique nature, which is then further developed by our early interactions.