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These queens in the House of Trump—all of them having served variously as models, arm candy, reality-show stars, humiliated sidekicks and shopping channel mavens—are vestal virgins in the temple of acquisition.

They are significant even for those who don’t worship there for what they reveal about the emotional life of the 45th president of the United States and his views on the role of women.

You'll see."She then admits to being 'almost' naked.

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Stern, notorious for his controversial, border-crossing approach to interviewing, begins to leer at the current FLOTUS.

Later in the clip, she is seen signing paperwork in the iconic Oval Office inside the White House.

One eagle-eyed You Tuber, who runs conspiracy truther account The Black Child, claimed the “eerie” symbolism of the clip was evidence of the former glamour model’s membership to the Illuminati.

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Viewers online have suggested the ad, released in 1993, proves the sexy Slovenian was in cahoots with the Illuminati years before becoming First Lady to President Donald.