Medieval courtship dating

Was love so bad in the middle ages, I mean, compared to today?

Castles, knights in shining armor, love ballads sung by troubadours…

It grew out of the idea of medieval courtly love, and the idea of courting a woman came from the phrase “paying her court,” which originally meant a knight visiting the court of a noble lady whom he wished to woo.

One wouldn't likely marry a stranger they just met for instance.

Both Valentines were supposedly Christian priests who fell foul of Roman officials keen on decapitation.

But there’s little in the early legends of either saint to suggest a highly successful posthumous career as assistant Cupid. It was probably Geoffrey Chaucer who got the Valentine’s ball rolling. ”), the she-eagle can’t decide which suitor most deserves her love.

I recently happened upon a fascinating and revealing exhibit on love in medieval times at the historic tower Jean Sans Peur in Paris, which has helped inform and illustrate these 12 advantages of being wooed back in the day. I guess this image is akin to modern day online dating, hedging your bets and see who actually falls into the net.

She certainly had a lot of possible suitors to pick from. There was no need for IVF or other expensive fertility treatments.