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The more advanced forms of sexual addiction, such as multiple affairs, sex with prostitutes, or other illegal activities, generally have their beginnings in masturbation.Masturbation addiction is referred to as a "process" addiction, as opposed to a substance addiction like alcohol, or drugs.Find a lube that works best for you and your stroking needs but be sure it makes that hot wet sloshing noise I love to hear.Now there is more to it than the sound of a hard wet dick that I enjoy.This overpowering desire is at the base of most forms of sexual addiction.The need to view pornography is usually a precursor to masturbation.

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Women apparently hear better than men, and have more sensitive touch receptors in the skin.

Men can concentrate deeply on a task in hand and may not be aware of what is going on around them; women, on the other hand, are better at multi-tasking they can chat while they work on the computer, for example.

I love when a man moans for me and makes those delicious jerk off sounds like “oh god” or “oh fuck.” Those sounds tell me how horny you are stroking for me, how excited you are getting from listening to me guide your masturbation session, and all the dirty things I will be whispering in your ear.

Feel free to moan groan grunt and yell out if you like because the louder you get stroking that cock the hotter I get and the more I want!