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However, Chaos eventually obtains all seven Chaos Emeralds, and transforms into Perfect Chaos.Perfect Chaos easily destroys Station Square by flooding the city in an enormous tsunami, and proceeds to roam around the rubble of buildings submerged in the water.He graduated from Yale University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts and earned a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1975.He began his career as a "shining star" in the late 1970s at Rosenman & Colin, Freund, Lewis & Cohen, then a 90-lawyer litigation firm, and was well regarded. Funny, personable – part of the social mix", but what most distinguished him was his ability to think on his feet. Very smart." In the early 1980s, Dreier was named a partner at Rosenman." Kroft asked."I can't remember the moment in which I decided to do something that I knew was wrong," Dreier replied. I think I fell into the trap of wanting to be more successful than I was."But he was successful. I wanted to be as important as I thought I was, deserved to be," he told Kroft.With degrees from Yale and Harvard Law, and the ego of a successful trial lawyer, Dreier told friends he was going to become a billionaire. It is a heavily populated city famous for its many attractions including an amusement park, a hotel/restaurant, and a casino district.

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Eventually the heroes face off against Eggman in his Egg Carrier, defeating him and Chaos.

Marc Stuart Dreier (born May 12, 1950) is a former American lawyer who was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison in 2009 for committing investment fraud using a Ponzi scheme.

He is scheduled to be released from FCI Sandstone on October 26, 2026.

But unlike Bernie Madoff, Marc Dreier agreed to talk to Vanity Fair magazine and to 60 Minutes, his only television interview.

More from Vanity Bryan Burrough: Marc Dreier's Crime of Destiny"I thought if somebody would ever interview me on a program such as yours it would be for something good I've done, not something humiliating I've done," Dreier told correspondent Steve Kroft."This isn't the way you wanted to be on 60 Minutes? Nor was it the way that Dreier wanted to make his final appearance in federal court: as a defendant in his own fraud case.