Maga hook up

Grindr clearly wants to establish itself as more than just a hookup app.

"One thing we hear a lot from the younger generation, is that they don’t like the definition of hookup app," said Grindr's creative director Landis Smithers.

will feature artist interviews and grooming how-to articles, and will heavily focus on local dating spots and trends in cities around the world.

“People hook up on Grindr, but it’s about more than that.

“After hearing from our very engaged 3 million daily active users, it became clear that giving them content through that has a global perspective, but is also personalized and local will ​help them connect to a whole range of things they need in their day-to-day life,” said Simkhai.

Grindr has collected a roster of writers, influencers, artists and activists to serve as contributors, and even announced last month that London-based writer Max Wallis will be the app’s first ever poet-in-residence.

put it apprehensively, a “big four-year orgy.” “Like most people I knew,” she wrote, “I believed that college was a wild, sexual party scene, and that to fit in, you had to be into alcohol, weed, and sex.”It’s taken for granted today that college is supposed to be fun and that sex is part of why.

“The best years of your life,” is how another student put it.

According to a statement, the contributors have been chosen for their work at the "intersection of emerging LGBTQ culture and what in-the-know audiences are talking about" and they will produce a wide range of content.“Fun takes priority over sleep and rest,” she insisted, forgetting to mention studying altogether.It’s an odd way to think about an institution dedicated to occupational training, if you think about.?The important thing with ghosting is to stay committed and clueless.Even if you see them in person, channel your inner Casper and find a different Wendy to bounce with. This is also a fun option because it allows a ton of creativity.