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But every once in a while I gamely stab at a Hobbit character since I love the race and the look.

What usually happens is by the time that I'm failing to protect Amdir once again in the tutorial, I am almost crushed by the weight of knowledge of how far this character would need to go to get to where my Gondor-happy Cappy is.

Note: Py Lot RO does NOT update these files when patching.

Simply put, Turbine does not provide these as "patches," consequently Py Lot RO cannot find them.

These two free tools are highly regarded for supplemental scans: Malwarebytes Anti-malware : SUPERAnti Spyware : (3) Did you try Firefox's Reset feature?Click that "X" to abort the Turbine Launcher and to allow the CXG installer to highlight the "Done" button. When "patch" displays: "*** Finished ***" ; click exit.Select your server, enter your Account and password and click login.... Symptom: If these files are NOT present, they will appear as a "loading screen" (always following character selection and "Enter Middle Earth") with an ornate top and bottom, and the progress bar, but with a grey center with a white cross-hatch.It's absolutely huge when you step back to consider it, which is what both a new player and a reroller must do.My question this week is this: Is regularly once more and enjoying a renaissance with the game (I've been playing off and on since 2007, so my interest waxes and wanes to avoid long-term burnout).