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They are teens who have been through a lifetime of trauma, says Lea Benson, president and CEO of Street Light USA, a residential treatment center for young victims of sex trafficking."They don't know how to deal with the emotions," she says. Their backgrounds often include physical or sexual abuse at home. These would be girls who came into the system on some crime other than prostitution and were identified as victims.Making the effort to identify victims of sexual trafficking among minors arrested for drug offenses, theft or other crimes is part of the new paradigm.Anything that increases your risk of getting a disease is called a risk factor.

The Metroparks' top official said the animal's death was the kind of accident he hoped to prevent with new maintenance methods.Critics, including those at the “Animal Abusers Exposed” Facebook site, charged Metropark managers with being callous and complacent about of wildlife depradation.Still others on Facebook countered that the parks' deer population was excessive, and that mowing was necessary to curtail humans' exposure to insects such as ticks and mosquitoes, carriers of Lyme disease and West Nile virus respectively.Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA issues, climate change, freedom of religion: These issues and the communities they affect are all part of the feminist cause ― and we need to show up for them the way they showed up for the Women’s March.As we head into the next four years, we all need to remember that the feminist movement is an intersectional one.