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For the most of Chinese girls a second or a third date will mean a serious intent on men’s side leading to marriage in the nearest future.

Only 38% percent of the whole Shanghai women population doesn’t agree on meeting and marrying only one man in their life.

But, the negative connotation associated with this phenomenon it is no longer appropriate.

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Writer Anne Lamott was raised by atheists and spent years addicted to drugs and drink. So people, I think, partly respond to me because I have a good sense of humor.

Now 59 and the author of 15 books, Lamott has millions of fans who see themselves in her funny-sad novels and, especially in recent years, in her wise and witty essays on brokenness, joy and prayer. I think people are starving to be reminded that they’re loved and that there’s something else going on besides their own very worried minds and perceptions. I think one of the blessings of getting a little bit older is that you let go of a lot of stuff that you used to care a lot about. You’ve got to throw a bunch of stuff out of the airplane that’s just keeping you flying too low. Everything, especially my own mental processes, gets me to call out for help.

Lamott wrote her new book, “Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair,” as a search for meaning after the slaughter of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn. I know that I am really hungry for it, to just be reminded as often as possible that I’m not completely alone in all this and that I believe in a power greater than myself and some sort of divine love/intelligence in the universe. So I don’t feel like, “Oh, I’ve found my niche,” but I’ve found a niche sufficient for today. I really believe I can help the people I’m closest to and fix them and save them and correct their thinking.