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Long before any pharmaceuticals or medical devices reach the patients or the healthcare professionals who depend on them, the systems, equipment, processes, and methods behind developing, producing, and testing them must be validated to ensure they function as intended.

Maetrics has expertise in all areas of validation, including Information Technology systems; Facility/Utility/Equipment qualification; Product/Process/Methods validation; Cleaning validation and Cold Chain qualification.

During the shelf life of a food, it should be safe to use, it should retain the expected quality attributes characteristic of the product, and it must meet any nutritional claims indicated on the label.

Challenge studies are typically used to assess whether formulation and storage conditions for a food can control the growth of any pathogens present during the designated shelf life.

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We also assist clients in designing the critical foundation for their validated environment, the Validation Master Plan.

The Master Plan is one of the principal means of showing regulatory bodies that you’re in control of your production environment.

While scientists and technicians continue to try to meet these demands, the potential risk to food safety and quality tends to increase.

This danger places more emphasis on adequate shelf-life and challenge studies that are needed to validate any changes (Table 1, p. Shelf-life studies are primarily conducted to determine and validate the length of time a food will retain its quality under a given set of storage conditions from the time the food is prepared or manufactured.