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With the recent release of ‘Two Step’, Laura Bell Bundy is having her second stab at the country music world.

But there’s a reason it didn’t work the first time.

In other words, she doesn’t sing the truth but instead plays a part, making her performances decidedly shallow and devoid of meaning. Her first single, ‘Giddy On Up’ provided a music video laden with cheese depicting Laura Bell in a western, stylized in the same showbiz way as a musical.

I don’t believe the sentiments in her music, I don’t feel her pain as if it were her own, I just feel her acting. It was over the top and had Broadway written all over it.

” Over sashimi, green tea — and a side dish of chagrin — the toothy, 41-year-old Tony winner (“Peter and the Starcatcher”) says he started working out 2 ½ years ago.

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When he sees a father doing the same thing with his daughter, Ted decides to break up with her.Becky is an incredibly childish woman, reacting to events in life with the same enthusiasm of a five-year-old.Although Ted initially likes her because she makes him feel needed, which he adores, he realizes all too soon that Becky is, in almost every way, identical to a five-year-old. Sit back down.) Been acting pretty strange, didn't want to talk. Love, love you let me down Making this too easy Love, Love you let me down Think you should be leaving Love, love you let me down Let me down No you wont string me along You better be moving on Giddy on up Giddy on out (Oh I ain't finished.