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Happy hours, Homecoming, reunions, athletic events, pre-game parties and more!

Check back often for a complete list of upcoming events.

I took a Media/Journalism entry level class and the professor had worked for a newspaper and a recording company for years!

He worked with Madonna, Michael Jackson, and some big name actors too.

I am also a dance minor and one of my modern teachers who teaches the May O' Donnel technique which is a super old technique actually learned it from May herself.

Every class is covered by someone who was and still may be very active in the field.

Robinson Memorial Hospital identified the dead students as Allison Krause, 19 years old, of Pittsburgh; Sandra Lee Scheuer, 20, of Youngstown, Ohio, both coeds; Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20, of 22 Diamond Drive, Plainsview, L. Students here, angered by the expansion of the war into Cambodia, have held demonstrations for the last three nights.Following the event, about 8 million students took part in a national hunger strike, closing down hundreds of universities and schools across the United States. They all seem super knowledgable with great credentials and history in the subject they are teaching on; even for Gen Eds.The May 4 Task Force (M4TF), a student organization at Kent State University, organizes a number of commemorative events.These usually include discussions, speeches, concerts, and a candlelight march around campus. Events are also held at the May 4 Visitors Center, which was opened in 2013. John Paul Filo's Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of the incident is considered one of the historically most significant images of the era.