Jennifer man and omarion dating

On top of all that, the man does a great 50 Cent impersonation.

During the wee hours of yesterday morning, the R&B singer took to Twitter to vent his frustration in a rant he insisted wasn't really a rant.But even someone as adorable as O falls victim to crazy rumors of blowouts with Bow Wow and pirating fans, both of which he dispels in his conversation with All Hip Alternatives.As Omarion tests his acting waters further with two movies due out this summer, he still loves his mic and his dancefloor dearly.In fact, Omarion can’t even bring up a song without having the urge to sing it.With a little help from his mother, we found out more about Omarion’s previous professional rollerblading career, his made-up girlfriend Jazzy and a hopeful sequel for You Got Served.