Jabra 8040 problems with updating

The Jabra BT8040 is their latest high-end headset that’s very small, has Bluetooth v2.0 EDR, a DSP with active nose reduction and multi-connection technology.It functions not only as handsfree headset for calls, but also supports A2DP (in mono) for streaming music. Design The Jabra BT8040 is one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets we’ve seen.The headset is secured by an ear-gel piece and the package comes with 6 ear-gel pieces in three sizes.We tested the headset in fast walks and the headset stayed in the ear securely.If you have a question that this guide can't answer then you can, as usual, PM me.

It does look different and unique, not to mention the sound quality it delivers is nothing short of truly remarkable. Full review Overall, the Plantronics 925 is sure to turn heads as it is pretty noticeable due to its long boom and innovative design. The combination charging/carry case is also stylish and convenient offering extended battery life without needing to hunt down a power outlet.

Full review To put it bluntly, the Discovery 925 looks like a giant paper clip or hair pin.

Measuring 2.7 inch long by 0.9 inch wide by 0.5 inch deep, the Discovery 925 is topped with a square diamond, and the boom mic tapers down to a point, forming a hollow trianglelike shape in the middle. It is very lightweight, only weighing about 0.28 ounce, and certainly won't weigh the ear down.

The Jabra BT8040 and other products you use every day were certainly offered in the manual set.

We know from our users’ experience that most of people do not really attach importance to these manuals.

Jabra 8040 problems with updating