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According to city documents, the 1928 Austin City Plan was aimed at relocating and segregating blacks only.

It did not apply to Hispanics, although there was much discrimination aimed at Latinos.

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That history also gives context and perspective to the daily struggle of Austin African Americans then and their efforts to overcome barriers purposefully erected to block their access to the best education offered.These programs aim to arm students with much needed theory along with a toolbox of mentorships, networking and tips on how best to approach investors for funding. What are the chances of entrepreneurs succeeding if they don’t have mentors who want to push them forward, if they don’t know how to build a business model, if they don’t know how to build a team and when is the right time to approach the right type of investors? Yossi Maaravi, deputy dean at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, in an interview.“Can someone talented manage without university studies? “Eighty percent of success stories can be pinned down to lessons learned, 20 percent on the person itself.Then, in the early 60s, the city built I-35 right through the divided area.” The 1928 City Plan not only dictated segregation through physical infrastructure, but predicted discriminatory education practices for the next few decades.In the eyes of his investment banking colleagues, John (name changed) is a high-flier.