Is tori vega dating beck in real life

Who's to say nothing can happen between two friends over an innocent little holiday hang out? Bx T"Beck was smiling fondly at Tori though, but it didn't bother Jade as much as it should have. : DTori and Beck pretends to be dating so Beck can get back together with Jade. Post 'The Worst Couple'Beck was cast as a main character in a movie based off of a popular book series and has left Hollywood Arts and his friends behind.

After all, she was doing the same." Tori finds a white rose in her locker on her birthday, but there's no name on the card. The sad fact of the matter was that the music industry had morphed into something that was more about image than actual talent. In the midst of all this, they find themselves falling for each other. Tori regrets not telling Beck how she feels about him before he left, she knows that once the movie comes out there will be no chance for them to be anything other than friends.

That was the root of Tori's problem, and the reason that she needed Jade. What happens when Jade and Tori are partnered together for another class at Hollywood Arts, only this time it's not stage fighting, it's stage kissing. She'll forever be in his shadow unless she can make it in Hollywood too.

Will that line be crossed, or redrawn thicker than before? They're always fighting, even over the smallest of things. They say there's something special in everyone, that everyone can do something better than everyone else.

“Tori- Tori gets signed to a record deal and becomes a popstar. “Andre- He also gets signed to a record deal and not only is super successful as a recording artist, but also as a writer/producer. “Trina- Trina is looking to marry a prince (because that’s what she feels she deserves) so she auditions and gets accepted to the new season of the bachelor, where England’s Prince Harry is the new bachelor (poor Harry).

“Beck- He keeps auditioning and gets cast in his own series of a high school student who’s also a sociopath *wink*.

[Beck talks with his mouth full] Jade West: Just be careful now, Mr. ' Cause who knows what terrible things could happen if that continues. “It all started when I was twelve years old and auditioned for a role on a show called would lead me to almost eight years on ‘Nickelodeon’ (all my teenage years).I remember Dan Schneider approaching me and my Mom about giving me the starring role of my own show. Beck Oliver: [in a thick Cockney accent] I'm game, so pop a dabble in me mouth. [pours a box of raisin bran on his head as he laughs] Tori Vega: This is Officer Pedesto, code three! Certainly wouldn't keep you awake during my class! Tori Vega: [in a thick New Jersey accent] Why don't you stop invading my personal space, and have a little of this raisin bran?