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I don't think I even knew you had to pay for water until I moved out of home and it didn't matter because the landlord payed it so we never saw it. I opened the envelope and started reading through and was shocked to find out I was being charged for 27,000 litres of usage over 102 days... So I jump on the phone to the Water Corp, spend 5 minutes wading [wading - get it!?

] through their call system until I get to an operator who politely explains that, if anything, I am slightly under the average water usage... Apparently a five minute shower chews through up to 200 litres of water plus by the time you do dishes, use the toilet, wash your clothes etc etc it's not a hard figure to achieve.

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Faith was sitting on the veranda and reading a newspaper.

As has been the norm lately, everything has been nice and quiet around here.

Sadly, for the pet food guy none of these criteria were met so he was left to settle for uncomfortable silence whilst I nervously awaited my credit card to process and tried not to hold the pen in a suggestive way. Add to that I recently got my first water bill which whilst not quite a momentous occasion left me feeling a little guilty. Well up until now I have never in my life had to pay a water bill. That's the entire contents of a decent sized backyard swimming pool.