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The nominated candidates for each ward are as follows.

Leggatts: Camilla Khawaja (Conservative), Su Murray (Green), Richard Smith (Labour), Ian Stotesbury (Liberal Democrat) Oxhey: Richard Bell (Cons), Maggie Parker (Lib Dem), Sue Sleeman (Lab) Park: David Fallon (Cons), Peter Jeffree (Lib Dem), Junior Sesay (Lab) The by-elections tie in with the Hertfordshire County Council elections, which happen on the same day.

Rock Assembly host, Radio 1 DJ Nihal, gave a shout out to all the schools invited to Wembley Arena yesterday after signing up to the BT Digital Champions programme.

Councillors Anne Rindl and Joanna Maestas, both Liberal Democrat, relinquished their roles as representatives of Park and Oxhey wards respectively just a week after Labour’s Leggatts ward councillor Anne Joynes, who was also a county councillor, announced she was stepping down from her role.

“We get a lot of people that come in drag, but the thing about Ru Paul’s Drag Race is it’s an all-inclusive TV show.

Everybody who felt like they never belonged or didn’t have a place to go, when you come to our show not only will you feel included, you will feel like you’re at home.

We continue to thrive thanks to the community’s hard work and generosity.

And we urge our supporters to keep finding new ways to help us, as volunteers or fundraisers.” A group of volunteers from Noah’s Ark and the Friends of Barnet Countryside, recently spent time creating a community garden, to make way for a wheelchair-friendly path.