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Pharrell New York Daily News sources once revealed Bey’s alleged fling with the superproducer that wasn’t totally unbelievable.

“Beyonce is totally in love with Pharrell,” the source claimed.

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L’obiettivo è di creare un rapporto di fiducia con i propri Clienti e aumentare così il proprio bacino d’utenza.

Growing up as a teenager, I always had a crush on some hot boy of the moment.

Whether it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Romeo from Immature/IMx, or even Lil Fizz from B2K, my girlfriends and I would swap posters and magazines in exchange for small talks about our imaginative dream life with our celeb crushes.

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When we go by what we know OF them and not ABOUT them, there is always room for assumptions and disappointments.

Short of putting Emmanuel Lubezki through astronaut training, it’s difficult to imagine more rapturously beautiful images of the Earth from orbit than those supplied by “A Beautiful Planet,” the latest collaboration between Imax and NASA.

Through an International Space Station module called “The Cupola” — a hemisphere of windows installed in 2010 — and 4K digital cameras more compact than previous-generation Imax gear, our sparkling blue jewel of a planet looks like the centerpiece of a celestial Tiffany’s.

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Ho iniziato a navigare su Internet nel 1997 con un modem 56k, oggi lavoro come freelance per aziende, agenzie, università.