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It's more than obvious that her quick 'one liners' are written and this show is completely fake complete with young L. In every episode during the second set of dates, the guy/girl who gets to choose which one to be with after the two dates straight up asks the two suitors to do something to prove their interest in them. At first it was cute/innocent things like a peck on the cheek, but this 'challenge' has gotten more unnatural, odd, and even embarrassing every episode, now its kissing the persons feet or chugging an alcoholic drink.This 'challenge' is an integral part of the show.And if the suitor doesn't want to do the 'challenge', then the person who gets to choose holds it against them, and their failure to complete the challenge usually hurts their chances.This is probably the most obvious example that this show is 100 percent fake.They get excused or not excused at that point based on how they act, what they say or even how they look. There’s also a lot of table turning, twists and, of course, comedy!” This was really the perfect gig for Iliza, who gets the chance to do what she does best."I always wanted to avoid the typical choices of most female comics, where it's 'How filthy can I be? She may not be a dating expert, but she does claim to be an expert on the way women think.

We visited Iliza on the set of “Excused,” premiering September 12, to find out what’s happening with these dating hopefuls.These outings the contestants go on are the most manufactured, unauthentic, insincere, and fraudulent encounters that exist on television. This Iliza Shlesinger is just the perfect combo: Smart, witty, hot, funny...right? I was sadly not surprised when I read the reviews on here that say Iliza is the only thing that makes the show worth watching, those people just sound like the biggest suckers.Its hilarious when an attractive host masks the true quality of a TV show, and guys fall for it.They'll give you whatever you want."The comedian, known to many as the winner of the sixth season of , which debuts today on Netflix, centers on the dynamics between men and women.Her bits, about dating and breakups and bizarre behavior, are especially relatable. "That's not how I see myself or how I am in real life. Everything comes from a real date or a real emotion that I've had."Because her stories ring so true, we asked Shlesinger to share her wisdom and answer relationship and dating questions from fans for our Ask a Comedian feature.