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Our relationship experts share their thoughts on how to know when it's time to merge your love life with your family life.Dating and relationship expert Barbie Adler, founder of Selective Search, shares her top five tips: 1.While your boyfriend has likely prepped you for the occasion, you’ll still want to make a good impression…or at least a better impression than the last girlfriend did.It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for a few months or a few years — meeting the parents for the first time is basically an anxiety attack in the making.Unfortunately, it’s also a necessary step if you want to move forward in the relationship.

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You may be really close to your family and want to share all the good stuff in your life with them, hence your man. As I write this, endless possible scenarios float to my brain as to why its not a good idea to pursue the arrangement or even think about it right now.

Wait to make family introductions until you've been together for at least three to six months.

At that point, you've gotten past the honeymoon phase.

It was just a quick errand run, but a pretty big deal nonetheless.

Meeting the parents is a huge milestone in any relationship—in many cases, your 'rents know you at your core and they'll want to fiercely protect you from any guy they think is Mr. While we don't know if Harry got mom's stamp of approval, we could imagine that she might be a bit apprehensive about the One Direction star, given that he's only been dating her daughter for less than two months.