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The script of the film was lost in the middle of the road. One of my favorite Kdrama genre was High School drama and HSLO is really great. KBS is really good in doing high school drama, just like Who Are You: School 2015. Hi school love on is a kind of movie that a people will watch. And will surely make you cry from the middle up to the end of the show. To the cast and the director of the high school love on,wow ! hope , wish , ask and beg for season 2 as soon as possible. school love on................also wanna say this actor woohyun and sae-ron and all other actors are best ...i love this one....forever........ I was so hesitated to watch this but then I gave a try & this was good. Who cares about age differences when seulbi & woohyun really look cute together lol. I love how woohyun & sungyeol became be a real family since I really shipped their bromance. And the ending was very satisfying too, a positive one. Part of the story was a bit repetitive but i like the fact that it deals with some real issues that kids have to deal with like bullying, divorce,death of family members, debt etc. The lead actress might have been very young but she embodied her character really well.

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And her having a love triangle with them is a bit off. This cast was really chosen for their looks and the screenwriters assumed that they could piggyback on that with a poorly written script. The two central male characters are bored with constantly doing the same actions, the same faces, the same violence. From the choding yeol turn into a cold man in this drama makes me feel so goosebumps. For the first time ever i was much more interested in every other characters story line than the leads. Such a nice story about love friendship and family all together.

The only reactions are when someone gets sick: the only thing that makes you move is the bed of a sick person! The teacher of ethics is a soulless woman and is the "vocational" counselor of the students! The best phrase in the series is "school is a prison". This is JELLANIE :) im your number one fan :) (Hi School Love On) This drama is one of the best drama I've ever watched. How I wish I I'm a korean I would have let you know how much this movie captures my heart... So if you still want to go ahead and watch the drama, I'll let you be the judge of it.

Balki baki teachers bhi uski saheliyon se puchne lage ke isse kya hua.

Is par uski saheliyon ne kaha, ”Ma’am is ka sar bahut jor se dard kar raha hai.” Un teachers ke liye baat wohin dab gayi. To main agle din khud us ladki aur uski saheli ko free period mein apne kamre mein bulaya aur usse pucha ke problem kya hai.