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The victim, who has severe learning difficulties, was "severely emaciated" when she was eventually rescued by police, weighing just six stone and having only a single sound tooth left in her mouth.

Admitting a catalogue of sex offences, Keith Baker was on Tuesday (4 April) sentenced to 15 years in prison and will remain on licence for five years after his release.

A drunken Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute named Charmese, who refuses to let go of their relationship and Quagmire starts to consider divorce until Joe points out that he could lose everything.

Quagmire tries to make the best of it but Charmese can't pull herself far enough out of the gutter for his tastes.

He was raised in impoverished circumstances, with the threat of bank foreclosure on the farm they lived on.

This is the first picture of the wife of a rapist who allowed her husband to keep a disabled woman as a sex slave and have four children with another mistress inside their 'house of horrors'.

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When Peter discovers Joe has a student ID he took from a kid that gave him lip, Peter, Quagmire and Joe visit the Harvard University campus for lunch and have a wild night on the town.But Teigen's latest outburst seems to have finally made Legend blush. "See More: Dream of Having John Legend As Your Wedding Singer? Legend quickly waved his wife off, who runs away from the camera in an obvious mix of nerves and laughter. According to "mystery bowl" which asked about a "public place you did it." And Teigen's unfiltered response is just about as amazing as we could ever imagine. When reporters AJ Calloway and Tracey Edmonds then asked what Teigen was referring to, Legend refused to make eye contact with the camera! Caroline Baker, who was jailed for three years this week, also abused the woman kept prisoner in a room with no light, bedclothes or carpets behind a handleless door.Her husband Keith Baker, 61, was jailed for 15 years for his eight years of abuse, which left the 6st woman emaciated and with just one tooth.