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Often bad decisions come from a person imagining their reactions in a given circumstance and attempts to improve such decision making has generally has been unsuccessful.

So the researchers eliminated imagination from decision making in their experiments by asking people to predict how much they would enjoy a future event about which they knew absolutely nothing.

Who better to attract the woman of your dreams than a worthy wing-woman?

Ken has a rather impressive background in digital matchmaking, having founded the first speed-dating website, Hurry Date, back in 2001.

Some subjects only were told how much a total stranger enjoyed the same event and made exceptionally accurate predictions.

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The San Mateo-based company is scheduled to host its first event Thursday, with three-minute sessions for up to 100 people who live in the San Francisco Bay area.

Individuals will meet at least 15 prospective partners in an hour.

A new online dating service believes you can determine the love of your life after a three-minute video chat.

Originally a project by a Stanford University business class, combines online dating and round robin-style speed dating, where singles spend eight minutes or less interviewing potential matches.