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"Things happen." Foxx described the whole thing as a "great joke," but was also fully aware of the countless men who would've killed to be in his place. "But it was a joke — respect to her and her family and everything like that.

It was a funny, funny joke." Joking aside, he admitted that he was honored to have been on the receiving end of that kiss. "She was actually mirroring what Adrien Brody did to her on the Oscars, and she did it to me on the [Guys'] awards.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 25: Actress Gal Gadot arrives at the Premiere Of Warner Bros.

Pictures’ “Wonder Woman” at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

"Halle Berry's very attractive and has very soft lips.

I just really appreciated the fact that I got a chance, you know, because it was very intense," he told MTV News. because people sort of misunderstood the pictures that came out," said Foxx, who will host the BET Awards on Sunday.

Halle Berry locked lips with Jamie Foxx on stage at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards.

The no holds barred make-out session saw the pair kiss and paw each other passionately for almost ten seconds.The 42-year-old former Bond girl, who has a daughter Nahla, 1, with Aubry, was accepting the Decade of Hotness prize for 10 years of looking great.And she was determined to prove she was a deserving winner with the outrageous display of affection.What happened next can only be explained, jaw dropped, with pictures.. Halle must be working on that second Oscar: Jamie’s cupping ass, she’s cupping jewels.I can’t count the number of times over the past year I’ve seen pictures of Halle Berry and asked where her baby daddy was? Maybe there was something to this random Halle Berry/Jamie Foxx sighting at the Soloist premiere.