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In the classroom, Diana used Project Based Learning to educate learners in kindergarten through second grade.Now, she trains teachers on the methods of using Project Based Learning in their own classrooms.

Brooke Ott, the Denver Great Expectations Member Services Manager, said “I think it’s nice to know that when you call us up, an actual person answers the phone and is there to help you in every way.The Great Expectations Denver Center has been helping Colorado singles since 1981, and when it comes to taking care of their members, the Denver’s Membership Service Department has proven they are the leader of the pack.Carole, a Denver Great Expectations Member wrote, “I would like to thank everyone at Great Expectations for helping me go live today in my quest for finding love.I would just like to rebutt Cynthia's comment, former GE employee in Austin, TX.Maybe you should consider a career in the military. Except, when you are done at boot camp, you actually serve a function in society.